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Use pricing from EVEMarketer (instead of ESI)

Remember Custom Pricing

 Default Product TE (0-20, should be even)

 Default Product ME (0-10)

 Default Component TE (0-20, should be even)

 Default Component ME (0-10)

 Material Usage Modifier (1.0 for NPC station, Supercaps, Rapid Assembly Arrays, 0.98 for most POS arrays)

 Material Usage Modifier (Components) (1.0 for NPC Station, 0.98 for POS arrays, 0.85 for Thukker Component Assembly)

Time Modifier
Skill Implant Facility Solar System Tax Rate
Manufacturing %
â””Components %
TE Research %
ME Research %
Copying %
Reverse Engineering %
Invention %
Advanced Advanced Industry

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